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Recommended Sites regarding French Culture and US Talk Shows


--------------------- Informative French Sites --------------------------

Traditional French Food - Informative French Site

Frances 400 Cheese Turotial - Great Information of French cheese

Tradition French Cheese - Good selection of local cheese

French Wine Guide (terroir de France) - Wonderful French wine information

French Wines - More French wine information

French Meat Cuts - French cuts of meat


-------------------- US Conservitive and Talk Radio ---------------------------

World Net Daily - News and information site (current news)

Drudge Report - Best News linking site for stories that the main stream media ignores

Mark Levin- Constitutional Talk Show saving American Freedoms - Liberty and Tyranny

Rush Limbough - Top Ranked Conservitive Talk show

Sean Hanity - Top Ranked Conservitive Talk show

Michelle Maulkin - Top Ranked Conservitive Talk show

Glen Beck - Top Ranked Conservitive Talk show

Laura Ingraham - Top Ranked Conservitive Talk show

Michael Savage - Top Ranked Conservitive Talk show

Lou Dobbs - Top Ranked Conservitive Talk show


-------------------- US Liberal News ---------------------------

CNN News / MSNMBC / NBC / ABC/ CBS - Liberal Media shows


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